Creative Industries

WAVE ONE Entertainment, Creative Industries

Getting in touch with the unique results of the work of artists, musicians, or designers is a very personal experience for each one of us. Art is touching our emotions, and it brings happiness and inspiration into our lives. The roots of creative industries – as we call this branch today – can be found in the first melody that was sung more than two million years ago. Today, creative industries consist of more than eleven different segments, making it an integral part of the current transitioning process of civilization from an industrialized society to a knowledge and value-based society.

The Focus

WAVE ONE Entertainment, Focus

Our projects are inspired by creative-artistic aspects but also by spiritual, systemic and process-related knowledge. During the development and the preparations for the market entry of a project, we are following a strict policy of reviewing that is supported by an experienced creative team. As the market entry is the most crucial moment in the development process, compassion, empathy and expert knowledge about the respective branch are mandatory, while also societal developments and latest trends must be kept in mind. However, outstanding projects will take a lead and shape the market. 

The Segments

WAVE ONE Entertainment, Segments

Our work concentrates on projects such as books, movies, music, art, and (digital) games as these five segments are complement to each other. This opens up the opportunity to cross-publish projects in different media, following the quote of Marshall McLuhan, a famous professor of sociology and media: “The content of one medium is always another medium.” To us, it is of the highest importance to observe the value-added chain as well as the life span of our projects very mindfully. Our experience and our global network in the respective fields enables us to build excellent projects. 

The Approach

WAVE ONE Entertainment, The Approach

We are developing holistic and global products for the international entertainment market. However, our approach is not driven by financial success only. Creating new work, engaging with new and seasoned artists, is always a very personal endeavor. Before entering a production phase, we typically offer mentoring to our artists and creative talent. It is of essence, to us, that we build a foundation of trust to prepare the creative team for a deep dive into vulnerable human places to create new perspectives from within. Thus, paving the way for new world centric projects.