Sarah Nevada Grether

Sarah Nevada Grether

Sarah Nevada Grether is a full-blooded artist who devotes her life to her art and creativity, bringing extraordinary experiences and encounters to people in a variety of formats.

Raised with six siblings on a California farm, Sarah Nevada came to Germany at the age of 16 to receive dance training at the State Ballet School in Hamburg. Significant and challenging years followed with the renowned Stuttgart Ballet, where she performed as a solo and group dancer in many productions worldwide.

After instructive and challenging years, Sarah Nevada moved to Berlin where her multi-faceted creativity, individuality and passion blossomed in the independent scene. In the years that followed, she was able to explore and develop her art and form of expression in countless projects. Again and again, she has connected genres, pushed boundaries, developed new styles, and made people change their point of view.

Over the years, she has collaborated with many international theater, dance, and film directors, as well as art and fashion photographers, with whom she has continued to explore new artistic avenues in collaborations that have often spanned many years. Not least, her tireless dedication and sheer inexhaustible creativity have repeatedly led to extraordinary projects. Sarah Nevada also began a long-standing collaboration as Founding Artist with the founders of the immersive lifestyle theater company Salon K Privé, whose success she played a major role in shaping for over 10 years as an actress, dancer, and singer.

The focus of her work as a choreographer and director is the fusion of multi-faceted performative media, storytelling, and the exploration of human communication, which distinguishes her creative work and is reflected in many successful projects.

Sarah Nevada and WAVE ONE started their collaboration in spring 2021 and are jointly developing projects in various formats that, based on Sarah Nevada’s personal and creative inspirations and experiences, address social and human issues in their very own artistic language and bring them to life.