Judith Antkowiak

Judith Antkowiak

Judith is a musician and charismatic singer-songwriter who, after a career as A&R manager for a Hamburg record label and musical projects developed in parallel, made the decision in the summer of 2021, despite many adversities, to devote herself entirely to her musical solo career in the future. 

Judith is an extraordinary personality who courageously faces everything she encounters in life. Her inherent joy of discovery and impatience has always challenged her in many places, and ultimately allowed her to grow. 

Her loving and detailed but also unvarnished and direct manner is also reflected in her musical style. With childlike carefreeness up to pure soul depth, Judith interprets Brazilian music like Bossa-Nova, Samba and Música Popular Brasileira up to Pop, Swing, Blues and Chanson. 

With a cover album in which Judith sings and reinterprets songs by musical idols such as Edit Piaf or Tracy Chapman, the range of her musical talent becomes visible for the first time. This will be accompanied by her first concert show, with which Judith will be performing live from 2022. This will also include her dance and other creative forms of expression. 

With anticipation, we look forward to her songs and compositions, which will be the focus of her artistic work in the coming years.