Jörg-Rafael Heim

Jörg-Rafael Heim

Jörg-Rafael Heim, born in 1966, is an author and composer in the field of international musical theater. For his current work “Hexenhammer”, which is about the end of the witch hunt in Europe, Jörg-Rafael researched, wrote, and composed over many years. Based on actual documents and events, the work also reveals a previously unknown historical event related to Queen Christina of Sweden. 

His love of music began early, at the age of 6, initially with a career as a pianist. However, solo playing on the piano was not enough for him, and so he gave concerts on two pianos or played in chamber music in piano trio or quartet. 

In general, Jörg-Rafael is a person who is always looking for new ways and approaches musical themes with an obsession for detail, shaping and developing them until they are (almost) perfect from his point of view. No wonder, then, that in his main profession as a professor of business taxation, he has for many years been developing concepts for new structures optimized in terms of corporate and tax law, especially in energy supply companies. 

He composed his first works for chamber choir and small ensembles at the age of 16, before later venturing into larger projects, such as the musical “Baron von Münchhausen” for the city of Bodenwerder. A work, by the way, that has been attracting audiences from all over the world to the city of Bodenwerder since its premiere in 2005 and regularly represents the state of Lower Saxony culturally at trade fairs. 

Jörg-Rafael’s creation is inspired by his work with oratorios and operas, as well as by great orchestral musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables or Elisabeth. In addition, rock & pop, for example through concept albums by Genesis, Toto, or Peter Gabriel, have also influenced the development of his very own style.